Style Swappers is a dedicated service that allows users to trade garments safely online. Users around the world will be able to offer and receive trades for posted items on the website. Style Swappers acts as the middle ground for traders, creating a safe environment to discuss and engage in trading garments.

If a trade is mutually agreed upon through the website, Party A and Party B will send the item to the StyleSwappers warehouse. Both parties will have a maximum of three days to ship and provide a tracking number, otherwise the trade will no longer be active. In the situation where one party ships and the other does not, the item will be shipped back. Once the items are received by the warehouse, they will be checked to ensure that they are as described. Following the review of the items, StyleSwappers will then ship the items to the parties (window of shipment will be determined). Packages will include a card to show that the item was checked by StyleSwappers